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Big Brother – The Quack Pack is in danger

After a 'Big Brother' double eviction took out the rest of Frank's alliance, he roared back into power as the new HOH and promptly put his nemesis Dan on the block. But will a special Power of Veto derail Frank's plans and save the Quack Pack from extinction?

- Season 14, Episode 20

Britney makes a deal with Frank

After the Big Brother bloodbath at Thursday’s double eviction — Bye bye, Boogie! Sorry to see you go, Ashley. — all eyes were focused with laser intensity on Frank. Originally on the block against Boogie, he managed yet another Power of Veto win and took himself off, and when Ian won his first HOH competition (the first of the night), Frank was once again the target and Frank was once again the winner of the Power of Veto. And then he won the second HOH! Like Britney said in another of her hilarious Diary Room sessions, why do the rest of the House Guests bother to show up for the competitions?

In one of the rare moments that we actually get to see what goes on inside the house during commercial breaks and the evicted House Guest’s exit interview, we saw Frank really taking his anger out on Ian, Britney begging Frank not to yell at him, every House Guest dragging Ian into the Arcade Room for a brief chat before he had to make his nominations, and some quick thinking on Britney’s part to keep herself, Shane and Ian safe. What else can you do when The Terminator is the new Head of Household?

It’s no secret I’m no fan of Boogie, but I was on Team Frank when the season started. After he got under Boogie’s influence, his appeal waned. It’s funny how he’s accusing Dan of influencing all of Ian’s decisions when he doesn’t see that he was nothing but Boogie’s puppet as well. Ian, though, made some serious mistakes in the past couple of days. I can’t for the life of me understand why he didn’t give Boogie a vote. The Quack Pack had the numbers to take him out without Ian’s vote. If they were so concerned about keeping Ian safe because he was getting good information for them, why did they allow him to blow his cover with that vote? I thought Frank was harsh in taking all of his anger out on Ian for what was basically a strategic move, but I can see his point as well. Boogie took care of the kid, gave him $3000, and would have made sure he made it to the end with Frank (even though Boogie probably would not have taken Ian to the final two) while everyone else was sent to jury. (And it was nice to see Frank apologize for being so heated in those moments after the eviction.) But keeping Frank off guard should have been the Quack Pack’s number two objective, and they basically hung Ian out to dry by letting him cast that vote. (And with Boogie gone, Frank seems to be making his way back to how he was when the game started.)

But, and we knew this was coming, Pandora’s Box made an appearance and Frank jumped at the chance to win some money, regardless of the consequences in the house. While he was locked in the room for an hour, the House Guests finally learned the secret of the cube in the claw machine. It was a special Power of Veto in addition to the regular one. As plastic balls rained down on the HGs in the yard, some of them with 50 cents inside, we got a look at what a desperate Dan looked like. Dan knew he was Frank’s number one target, so he would do anything to make sure he had as many shots as possible at getting the Veto out of the claw machine, even if it included lying about winning it (seriously, how long did he think it would take someone to figure out he didn’t have it?) and just being aggressively rude to Ian and everyone else who got in his way. It was sweet justice to see Ian win, but with the win he now has even more weight on his shoulders than he did Thursday.

Britney made a deal with Frank to keep her and Shane safe, and presumably Ian as well. I say that’s a smart move on her part. Frank has proven to be nothing but loyal to those on his side, and considering he’s just a winning machine, making a deal with him is the only smart thing to do. But how sincere is Britney? With Veto power in Ian’s hands, the Quack Pack has a shot to change Frank’s nominations — Dan and Danielle. Should one of them win the other POV, both Vetoes can be used to remove both nominees, keeping the Quack Pack intact. With Frank out of the running for HOH next week, the target goes right back on his head (and hopefully, whoever won HOH would be smart enough to back door him instead of giving him a chance to play for the Veto). But Ian doesn’t really want to use his Veto, and there’s no guarantee Dan or Danielle would win one (well, it’s pretty safe to say Dan wouldn’t win … he’s thrown so many competitions, I don’t think he has it in him). If the House Guests have proven anything this season, it’s that they are infinitely smarter than the castaways on Survivor, who routinely allow returning players work their way to the finals. So far, it’s two former coaches down and one on the hot seat this week. If one of the other Quack Pack-ers wins the POV, should they use it to save Dan (and Danielle) or will they see it’s in their best interest to take him out?

And who would you like to see in the Final Three? At this point, the only person who really should win the game is Frank. I’d like to see him, Ian and Britney make it to the end. If they manage to finally take Frank out, then I’d like to see Ian win. As much as I like Britney, she’d have to settle for third place again in that Final Three scenario, and second against Ian (it really wouldn’t matter who else was in the Final Three with them if Dan and Frank were gone). Just on game play and survival alone, this is now Frank’s game to lose (and he really should be thanking everyone for evicting Boogie, paving the way for him to get to the end). But … did he make a fatal mistake by not nominating Ian which would force him to use his Veto on himself?

And if you can’t wait till Wednesday, the winner of the Power of Veto was

Show Spoiler »

Jenn, giving Ian the out he desperately needed, so I think it’s safe to say Dan will be joining Ashley in the Jury House.

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4 Responses to “Big Brother – The Quack Pack is in danger”

August 27, 2012 at 12:53 AM

I like Frank a little bit more every time I watch this show.

August 27, 2012 at 12:56 AM

For the life of me, I do not understand why Frank wouldn’t put Ian up when he won the special veto. Why not remove a wild card? Especially with what just went down. I was on the Frank train too, but he’s a strategic idiot. He’s going to team up with Britney and Shane? Really? That worked brilliantly before.

Dan’s the target? Fine. Good target. Put up Ian and Dan. You know Ian is taking himself off, so you have one replacement for sure. And if addressed properly, Ian would be grateful to not be in the position not to get more blood on his hands. No one will be mad at him for taking himself off. Put up Brittany. Her social game has been great, and I see her as the covert puppet master. And she’s never been on the block. Assure Brittany she will have the votes to stay. Either one of them wins the veto, one of the power players will go home.

But I just turned on Showtime, and oooh, looks like there is drama and Dan is making a big move.

This week should be good.

August 27, 2012 at 10:26 AM

I’ve been reading the updates.

Things are getting insane.

Show Spoiler »

Dan might have a chance. He’s a mad genius.

August 27, 2012 at 4:00 PM

It just got even crazier! The outcome of the Power of Veto ceremony …

Show Spoiler »

Ian did not use his Power of Veto. Jenn did! WTF?! She saved Dan, and Frank nominated Britney as the replacement!

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